European Shogi Championship 2006

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From the meeting point mentioned above, some bus transport will be organised for free for all shgi participants.
At least one bus will do the connection on Thursday afternoon, and another one on Friday morning between the meeting point (Chateau Kiener - Colmar) and the hosting place (ex-seijo College - Kientzheim).
A special pick up will be organized on Friday evening to let players visit Colmar.
A final bus transport will drive them back to Colmar on Sunday afternoon.
Well just ask participants to respect the time schedule which will be published once we know how much players will come.



There will be rooms for all players at the ex-Seijo college.
Players will be probably 2 in the same room, but beds are separated by a wall in order to guarantee a minimum intimacy.
Female and male players will have separate rooms.



The meals will be provided at the tournament place, according to the time schedule.



The final price will vary on the sponsorship.
Nevertheless, we can already fix a maximum price per player including:
- The bus transport between Colmar and Kientzheim.
- The 2 or 3 nights (optional Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night)
- The meals during the tournament as fixed in the time schedule
Formula “A” (Thursday evening to Sunday) 100.00 €
Formula “B” (Friday morning to Sunday) 80.00 €
For organization purposes, this price will be offered to people answering before the 1st May 2006.
Nevertheless, it will be possible to register till the 3rd June with a surcharge of 15€.
After the 3rd June, it won’t be possible anymore to register to this event.



Everything is well explained on this page in English:
Nevertheless, in order to facilitate the coming of our Russian and Ukrainian friends, I have already searched more information in their own language.
For Russian players:
For Ukrainians players:
The most important point according to visas is to provide us as soon as possible the list of people who think to come so that we’ll write them an invitation letter in time.
They’ll then be able to ask for their visas by providing the requested documents, and should receive it within the afternoon of their appointment at the French embassy of their country.